A bit of String 

The light above from whence we came is often a tiny speck

Easily ingnored 

Often forgotten

But please! Look up! 

From inside our dark cave

descending and addressed to each one of us is a letter tied to a thin piece of string 

‘You are made from love. To love. To be loved. I love you, remember?‘ 

Read within the shadows by the light our hearts

We marvel, that a tiny bit of string could be strong enough 

to pull us out of darkness and be our saving grace 


Foreign Land 

Hurled onto your rough rocky shore
You speak another language I yearn to understand 

But regardless of my understanding your hand dips into my soul and stirs 

Sometimes gently other times whrilling and whipping 

You will bring the things I’ve allowed to sink to the surface 

To be cast into the sea as feed for its wild creatures 

I feel heavy like an ancient tree washed ashore to be moved solely by God’s will 

The Stars are my Witness


Arrange the freshly baked muffins. Check. 

Sweep away the microcosms of hard work. Check. 

Wipe away the evidence of toil.  

Lock the doors. 

Close the gate.  

Check. Check. Check. 


Breath of fresh air 


The chirping Frogs and Crickets replace my thoughts  


I turn on the flashy lights on my new bike and stroll the streets

It is dark and I am ashamed to say that the stars surprised me 

“Yes! We have been here the whole time!” 

Awe melts into a smile 


The cool air whips past me  

My ears, nose, fingers, and Spirit is touched by an enlivening chill   

My brow unfurls 

Opening the invisible eye to an ‘invisible’ world 


Go into the shed.  

Lock up the bike. 

Smile back at my smiley face reflective sticker.


I watch myself walk past the front door and go down to the water

I sit on a rock 

The Owls fly between the darkness of the stars 

I feel this to be true 


The dome above me is studded with gentle eyes  

You worked hard today.” 

I can feel their words and they are steeped in laughter  

I smile again, amazed at how I have shot out of a concrete tunnel and into a mystical reality  

There is a Sea Otter below me crunching on something with such delight 

I can feel it’s delight

We share this moment  

With the Crickets and Frogs 

With the blips and splashes in the water 

With the distant hum of the humans driving their cars 

And with the Owl, whose call pierces my heart before it reaches its lover



Somewhere between the toil and beauty is a space so vast yet densely packed with wonder 

It carries away the heavy lists made to be checked  

It settles a throbbing mind down into the natural beat of the chest  


The night would not be complete without the heavy breathing of a Harbor Seal on a midnight hunt 

I know how it feels  

The Distant Shores of the Heart


Peering inwards
I saw the heavy black clouds of an encroaching storm
The vast ocean of thought will surely be aggravated
Thrashing against the mind and throwing waves of unrest
Upon the distant shores of the heart

This thoughtful premonition
Floated towards me
Bringing with it murky churning waters
I grasped for it as it appeared to be the only thing afloat
Climbed onto its slippery surface
Holding on for life

Eyes tightly closed
I wanted the storm to end!
Tired and weary I had no more strength
I slipped into the water

I was carried by the waves to the distant shores of the heart
Where the waves were tenderly received as a kind of Morse code
The heart beat slowed calming the restless waters
The beautiful island sent a message
Towards the heavens in dancing ribbons of light
Decoded: Peace lives here

The Jumping Salmon at Dusk

Of the tears that fell
one, grew cold
It flowed down my cheek
filling the valley of my breasts
with an icy stream

The jumping salmon at dusk
they moved me

How could their splashes
awaken a tsunami
The waves crashing
in my pond like eyes
ushering a hot stream into this world?
How could the weight of their soaring bodies
Bring a pen to a piece of paper?

Yesterday, a Native man passed me 
as I sat by the mouth of the river
“Have you seen them jump?”
“Yes!” I replied
He smiled, “It is amazing, isn’t it!

His words
they followed me
into my dreams
and surely into eternity

How could the salmon move me to tears?
The Salmon are free
The Salmon are unquestionably everything they were created to be
They are exactly! What God has been asking of me



Afloat with you

Effortlessly we drift across the sea
Treading the rushing waters
Flowing downstream
We waddle upon the muddy riverbed
To sink our happy feet in earth
And build a nest of golden straw
Sound the trumpets, we have landed!
The sun fades to a purple haze
Lightly sprinkled and aglow
Our plumage shines as a bright star
Delicately positioned
In a cobwebbed constellation
Engulfing our worries
And igniting our hearts
So that we may lay our dreams
To rest, cozy and warm
Even in the dead of night